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.c. and maryland and have called for extra help from as far as a wayaway as texas. and texas 92-year-old morris clark says that his health and his patience is weakening. >> it's getting worse every day i and i'm getting weaker each day. the service gets worse every year. >> d.c. mayor vincent gray says -- >> the irony is pepco has a request for a rate increase. >> residents in the district tell us in the past several months pepco has been cutting down and cutting back trees to try to stop this from happening. those same residents say they are very frustrated because even though some of the trees have been cut, the power is still not on. reporting live in northwest, jummy olabanji. >> outages creating a domino effect as many traffic lights are still out of. that makes the commutes' even longer and more frustrating for drivers. john gonzalez is in bethesda with more on that part of the story. >> it is truly remarkable how dark it is in bethesda maryland. this is old georgetown. rd. and democracy georgetown you know how busy this intersection usually is. it is dark for miles in each direction. mo
announced it will not be matching the offer to jeremy lin, so he will be going back to texas. tuan pham took to the internet to express his frustration. >>-- one fan took to the internet. >> ♪ ♪ >> jeremy lin started out in texas and then was picked up by the knicks. and his career blew up last year and now he's making more money than rg3. >> i guess you need the dough and you are the jeremy helbii used to know. >> lin-sanity continues. and the heat continues. it will stick around one more day. and then finally a little relief on the way. lower humidity and slightly cooler temperatures for the weekend. waiting for the sun to rise in about a half-hour. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies as we start the day. 81 degrees at reagan national airport. we have not fallen below 80 degrees yet. in sandy spring in montgomery county, looking at 72 degrees at this hour. prince william county, woodbrige looking at 77. prince george's county hyattsville looking at 80 degrees at this hour. heat advisory from 11:00 this morning until 9:00 this evening. it's for the entire area including the district a
video from texas. a rapid transit bus slammed into cars on an exit ramp in dallas late last month. two people injured. no passengers were on the bus at the time. the driver is on paid administrative leave. that crash is under investigation. >> that is scary. outside, we are pushing 80 degrees already on this friday morning. >> we have a look at new movie is hitting the big screen this clucks almost 6:00. here's what's coming up at the top of the hour. a disturbing story as a mother tears on her studio-year-old daughter while the little girl fights another toddler. she posted a video on her facebook page. -- two-year-old. >> we will look at the aids memorial quilt and the special meaning behind the panel's. >> and who is offering a bacon burger with eggs. coming up the top of the hour at 6:00. >> turning to the presidential race, president obama bracing for the jobs report. but that will help set the battle lines in the race against mitt romney. now details from tahman bradley. >> president obama will get another taste of main street in ohio and pennsylvania. he has been on the attack,
-old actor was dead and his home in el paso, texas. is better known as george .efferson >> if you would like to beat the today, maybe you would like to check out a movie. >> arch campbell is looking at on the big >> who happens to a guy creates the girl of his dreams? it reminds us to be careful what for.ish >> have we met before? >> he has writer's block, so he creates a perfect girlfriend on paper, only to have her appear zoe.e form of >> can you see her? she is real. writes,oes whatever he which works great at first, but turns into a nightmare later. 3.5 starts, rated r. summertime the lights bet along with "the ."rk knight rises have a nice weekend. i'm arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> thanks so much. in business news, a trader is under fire from a group about genetically modified crops. week's mass shooting in brothershas warner cautious about another film. linda bell has more from bloomberg headquarters in new york >> . good morning. let's begin with warner brothers. have delayed the release squad" byie "gangster four months after the mass shooting at the batman movie
to texas for events in san antonio and austin. this comes as the national urban league says the president may have a tougher time winning virginia, north carolina, and ohio. the black voters turn out false five percentage points below the record levels that helped him to win in 2008. he is expected to speak at the new orleans convention zero weeks from tomorrow. mrs. obama is campaigning in charlottesville as well as fredericksburg on friday one week after her husband's campaign in the battleground states. former president george bush and his wife barbara will not be attending the republican national convention next month. his spokesman says it is because he has trouble getting around. he is confined to a wheelchair. the couple is convinced more than ever now that mitt romney and his wife are needed to help turn the country around. romney plans to campaign in the pittsburgh area today. it is 75 degrees on this tuesday. >> still ahead uncertainty for dozens of people after fire ripped through an apartment complex in woodbrige. captioned by the national captioning institute
represents." -- " the jeffersons." he was found dead inside his home in el paso, texas, at age of 74. it ran for 11 seasons becoming one of television's most successful situation comedies. his career spanned more than four decades. >> good news from hollywood regarding jeopardy host alex trebek. >> weeks after suffering a heart attack his back at work. the 72-year-old return to the sec yesterday in los angeles to take the first episode of the 29th season. he is in good health and is already planning home improvement projects. >> a little trouble on "modern family." five of the stars have joined together and are suing to avoid their contracts with twentieth century fox arguing their contracts renewed them from pursuing other work, which is illegal. the studio has declined to comment. >> trouble in the valley of the dolls. lady gaga is being soldued by the maker of bratz dolls. >> now to linda bell. but fans of old wild wings will have to pay even more. the company just boosted prices when it rolled out its new menu this month. due to the high price of a chicken wings, its passing on the cost.
mexico. in the gulf of killed 11 people.ggere >> a pickup truck crashed into texas.n south loaded in it. the victims' names and ages of not been released. said that he saw among thechildren dead. up.death toll could go authorities could expand their search for two missing iowa cousins. disappearance is now considered an abduction. police want to talk to anyone lake in the town of evansdale on july 14 just before the two went missing. police have already interviewed several persons of interest. the cost of flying is expected to go up even more. >> facebook wants to boost investor week.ence this it may be tough. good morning, linda bell. >> that's right. facebook is facing the music this week. week,ll street later this with its first-ever quarterly a publicly traded company. will try to shake of the fact second worste performance technology this year. investors will seek assurance that the company can make money and they will look for zuckerberg to make remarks. corn harvest may drop much as 25% this year, due to the severe drought. many companies already are corn from brazilian
into trees in south texas sunday night. it was carrying 23 men women and children from mexico honduras, and guatemala. police believe the truck crashed during an apparent smuggling run. >> a man and his friends to send his head on fire in georgia. this video is graphics. we are told this all happened in a cluster georgia. the man's head was doused in rum. then you see his friends using a lighter. the victim is in critical condition. i don't know why they thought that was a good idea. >> maybe it the bar had something to do with it. l.a. sheriff's deputies investigating a family disturbance and possible battery adderall michael jackson's mother. >> the sheriff's department said there was some kind of physical altercation, but they will not say who was involved. it is the latest trauma for the jackson family. relative on the weekend reported katherine jackson missing. turns out she was visiting her daughter in arizona. >> the as11 israeli athletes killed during the 1972 munich olympics will be recognized on friday in the opening ceremonies in london. meantime a reception was held at buck
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8